Saturday, 17 November 2007

Christmas has landed.

Well, i didn't get the hat finished for Tuesday, it was Wednesday before i gave it to the woman at work. She didn't mind though, and she was delighted with it. It was for her niece and she was picking he up at the airport that night so my timing worked out well. The only problem is, that because i am doing such a good job ( yes, i am so modest) more people are wanting me to make things for them.

Oh no!

How on earth will i fit it all in. So far i have to make four hats and two scarves. I can get one knit this weekend. I am making it out of big wool tuft in a lovely chocolate brown shade. I hope it goes down well. I think at the moment i have taken on enough, i don't think i will take any more orders until i have completed the ones i have.

My own knitting has been taking a bit of a hit lately with all the things i have been making for other people. I have a lovely shrug in Noro Yoroi to complete, i am nearly finished it, just have to finish one more sleeve. I also have a jacket in Rowan Biggy Print to finish although i think it is going to get left to one side for a while. At the moment i am trying to knit up a wee cosy for my new tape measure. The girls at my stitch&bitch group went to the I Knit London event last week and brought me back a selection of goodies. I got a cute little Lantern Moon tape measure, some dye for this gorgeous cotton we received for winning the Simply Knitting group of the month and the best of all a signed copy of Son of a Stitch and Bitch. OK, that one was for my husband but i get to use it too, see how my plan worked out. Back to the cosy, didn't want him( my new tape measure to get dirty) so he gets his own special little pouch. I love my goodies, thanks to Karen for getting them for me. Here is a pic.

Isn't he cute.

Sunday, 11 November 2007

Ah my little knitting blog is underway. I thought this might inspire me to finish some of the projects i have on the go. It's down to a reasonable number at the moment but i still need to get cracking. It seems that i have started up a business, well so some of the people at work seem to think. I wore a lovely hat i'd made and have now ended up making them for several people at work, it's a good thing it's an easy pattern. Hee hee. Actually i had better go get on with it, i said i'd have it for tomorrow, it seems unlikely, i think it may have to be Tuesday now.