Monday, 25 May 2009

Excited much!

So whats happened recently. Well we did the race for life which was great fun and also raised alot of money for charity. See photo's stolen from Karen. I learned a new knitting technique for the race for life as we were knitting on our way round the course. I now love magic loop, i managed to complete a pair of socks in just over a week. But i think the best thing to happen to me all week is the fact that i was on Saturday Kitchen. There is a section of the show where viwers can call in and ask a question so i did and i got on. I was so excited! I have a clip that my sister took an her phone but i'm not sure i can post it.
Oh wait i did it! I am really chuffed with myself for doing it! They did spell my name wrong though, never mind!

Sunday, 3 May 2009

Burial at sea

So bad news, Mr Hermie died. Mr Hermie is my pet hermit crab, incase you didn't know. Most of you probably didn't because he never did anything really worth telling people about, he mostly slept inside his shell. I am still a bit upset about it but such is the way with small pets. So, firstly Lewis suggested a viking funeral and i, for obvious reasons, said no, so we are going to give him a burial at sea as a compromise. I want to go to bed but our broken cat clock says it is 4.45(real time 10.10pm) so we are heading out to do it now, in the cold and dark.

Goodbye Mr Hermie.