Sunday, 3 May 2009

Burial at sea

So bad news, Mr Hermie died. Mr Hermie is my pet hermit crab, incase you didn't know. Most of you probably didn't because he never did anything really worth telling people about, he mostly slept inside his shell. I am still a bit upset about it but such is the way with small pets. So, firstly Lewis suggested a viking funeral and i, for obvious reasons, said no, so we are going to give him a burial at sea as a compromise. I want to go to bed but our broken cat clock says it is 4.45(real time 10.10pm) so we are heading out to do it now, in the cold and dark.

Goodbye Mr Hermie.

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Once A Sheep said...

RIP Mr Hemmie, though we never met you seemed like a lovely crab who gave much love and pleasure to Kimberly and Lewis.

It's always heartbreaking to lose a pet, most of us know how you are feeling, so sorry for you.

love K