Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Well not posted for a while so i thought i would give a wee update about what is happening in the world of kimmie. My current knitting project is a pair of sock for my extremely large footed husband. This picture illustrates the scale of this project.

I have a bit more of the foot done now but it is taking me ages and this is only sock number one! Doh!

A couple of weekends ago the weather was fabulous and my family were down so Lewis and i took a trip down to Largs to take out my wee brother and sisters. It was lovely weather so we got some chips and sat down at the beach. Here is a picture of Lewis, Catriona, Cara and Innes. I have also added in a wee pic of me and Cara squinting in the sun to prove what a nice day it was.

As it was still nice the next day Lewis and i took our bikes over to Dunoon. We cycled out to Ardyne Point where we sat on the beach and had a nice lunch. As we were out for nearly the whole day in the sun without any sunscreen we both got really nice sunburns. Lewis's was worse than mine but i still got laughed at! Here is a wee photo, i don't really do cycling shorts hence the skirt.

On a more depressing and less sunny note i am very stressed out with my S.V.Q. assessors qualification. I have just found out that with one month to go that i am going to have to change to a new student. This is a bit of a pain but it is doable. The only problem is that it stresses me out alot. Yesterday i had a little cry at work before getting a sore stomach which i still have today. This my way of letting stress out, i get a sore stomach! As i am going to be very stressed for the next month i will probably have a sore stomach for the next month or longer. This makes me sad! :) Although the promise of a day at Carrie's soon cheers me up! :)

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