Saturday, 15 November 2008


Well it has been a while since i updated, this is mostly because i keep forgetting my password. There isn't much to report at the moment mind you. I am really looking forward to going round to Karen's tomorrow to learn how to spin some yarn, it should be a really good day. I will take my camera and post some pics hopefully will be able to get some action shots of everyone doing their thing.

I have started my Christmas knitting, i am nearly finished one loop through scarf for Lewis's mum, i had originally been knitting it for my friend but i decided that the colourway was not really suited to her so i will make another in more appropriate colours. I am really liking the pattern so i won't mind knitting it again, i am also going to knit a pair of fingerless mittens for my friend and i have seen a nice pair in garter stitch that would match the scarf nicely.

Going to bed now, lots of spinning tomorrow!

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